Australian Standfirst Foundation Incorporated, is a standalone and independent incorporated association.

It forms one of the three grounding elements of the Family’s chevron.

It was established this way on purpose to ensure all stakeholders and the broader community remained crystal clear surrounding what the Foundation’s purpose, its contribution and its limitations are as a pro bono philanthropic support facilitator.

The Foundation has been established solely to provide pro bono philanthropic guidance and facilities, broader community philanthropic education where and when appropriate and always on a gratis basis. All members participate on a voluntary, unremunerated and non-fiduciary basis.

It has been established to become a more effective ancillary support platform for existing efforts taken by others.

A Not For Profit (NFP) incorporated association of Australia, It’s purpose is not to handle, manage, raise or distribute money but rather to assist with the other important value contributions and remain a sounding board for those philanthropic, community and charitable initiatives seeking a substantive and pragmatic second opinion or helpful voice.

Not intended to form another “club”, “group” or “Peak Body”, but rather to better coordinate, utilise and connect existing smart, active and wise community contributors; be far more efficient and most importantly of all, provide this with a clear framework and set of boundaries about what is volunteered and useful help but not formalised professional advice nor direction.

Sharing The Infinity Black Studio, with the NFP community, when not in Australian Standfirst’s immediate use, is one of the many practical and every day ways Foundation Members utilise physical infrastructure and assets for the benefit of all.

Founding Principles: To help others connect the dots, to solve the problems others ignore and to boldly take action in support of those already helping others.