When meeting members of The Australian Standfirst Family you will notice that they all share one very simple vision – to simplify global investing by empowering Australians with clear financial, investor and philanthropic education.

For too long the model for financial services here in Australia has been to place investment products first and foremost, with token education or marketing fluff provided after the fact.

But in so doing, Australian investors and scarily, many of their advisors, have grown disconnected from a clear understanding about what is actually happening across the real economy, related investment markets that overlay them and the expected future directions they may likely have.

There are many thoughtful investor education resources around the world, however, disappointingly, few are drafted with Australians in mind.

Australia’s economic experience, history and continuing financial relationship with China, for instance, is significantly different than that for which the United States shares with China and “white-labelling” US investment education for Australians only provides half the insights that it should.

Australian Standfirst endeavours to comprehensively redress this for Australians and to this end has created a unique, thoughtful and practical platform which is and will always be, free, open and importantly agnostic.

Finance and by extension, Investing, is a tradecraft and not a science.

Economics, by contrast, is a science and the fact that much of Australia’s current investor education lacks any grounding in economic science should both concern and disappoint Australians.

Australians deserve better. Much better.

One would not go to a medical practitioner who had not studied or at least referred to the science of medicine, nor would they drive across a bridge they had little confidence was built by a team of people who had studied engineering.

Similarly, one should expect financial and investor education to have a bedrock grounded in economics, the science for which financial markets relies upon.

The Australian Standfirst Family encompasses approximately 300 people, ranging from Executive to Ambassadorial and importantly, we’ve taken the time to do it all properly.

It does not rely upon any one person, or group of people but rather functions collectively to serve Australians in both listening and delivery of insights, education and service.

The results represent what Australia and Australians are in fact asking for and not what we, or anyone else, believe they should (or should not) have.

  • Academic Council

    The establishment of the Australian Standfirst Academic Council connects the Australian Standfirst Family to the best, newest and most innovative thinking and progress in the scholastic, pedagogical, academic and theoretical realms. Wisdom is best shared not warehoused.

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  • Asset Management

    Consolidating dedicated work within Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Wealth and Philanthropic communities to build the Australian Standfirst proposition.

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  • Foundation Members and Delegates

    The Foundation has been established solely to provide pro bono philanthropic guidance and facilities, broader community philanthropic education where and when appropriate and always on a gratis basis. All members participate on a voluntary, unremunerated and non-fiduciary basis.

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