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Beginning with three recipients in 2010, this quarterly global markets missive, has, over ten years, grown into a global distribution reaching more than 114,000 recipients and therefore making it Australia’s single largest standalone markets circular.

Always provided without advice and solely for educational purposes only, they have endeavoured to bring theoretical concepts and iron laws of Economics – which is a Science, unlike Finance, which is only a tradecraft – to life in the context of that quarter’s publications current financial, economic and geopolitical affairs.

They have also strived to be prescient about nearing potential head or tail winds.

This has in turn been an invaluable feedback channel for the Australian Standfirst Asset Management team in so allowing a rolling conversation and at times debate with subscribers.

Without listening to others, Australian Standfirst itself would become redundant and out of step.

In 2014, this extended to become the weekly published Weekend Australian, “Global Investor” Column, which discussed Australian Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) investment thematics and their potential for insights for other Australian investment communities.

As of 2017, the Global Investor column can now be found in the Smart Investor section of the Australian Financial Review (AFR).

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