What Australian Standfirst Excels At

Australian Standfirst is Australia’s leading global investing specialist, well-known for providing clear insights and original themes for client investment portfolios and philanthropic practices.

Our strong evidence-supported convictions, sound analytical foundation and rigorous methodologies yield valuable insights, cutting through the noise and gluing together what might otherwise first appear to be unrelated fragments into one simple, clear and panoramic picture of financial markets and the global economy.

Through these clear and candid insights, prudent judgement and strategic thinking towards wealth accumulation and stability, we develop modern and strategic asset allocations which enables us to work with select family groups and their professional practitioners as well as individual wholesale clients to manage their financial risks and prepare them for the future.

To create the right strategy and framework to capture the return potential our exacting clients require, our Due Diligence & Portfolio Management (“DDPM”) team provides a holistic view of the world, adds steady hands and shares practice-proven solutions, recognising that there is no magic formula and that investing does not follow a glide path of uninterrupted success.

This team has senior members with diverse and complementary backgrounds, based in major financial centres all over the world, including New York, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and London.

Built patiently and with purpose, our all-weather investment solutions focus strongly on displaying resilience in down markets and protecting capital as the first priority, alongside other, important risk-reduction measures.

Responsible Investing Optimisation is important to Australian Standfirst and we distinguish ourselves through our originality and absolute independence.

The team is also very proud of the fact that we are the first and only Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) benchmarked global investment fund currently available for Australian residents – Australian Standfirst First To Integrated ESG Into Its Benchmarking.

Smarter investing embraces ESG and wherever one stands on global warming or climate change, everyone can agree that outmoded practices can be improved and a shift towards better efficiencies, smarter sciences and more innovative norms is now the better way forward.

Australian investment communities have also grown evermore separated from the Not-For-Profit sector, where impact is being lost because of a continuing misunderstanding about the differences between Australia’s established charitable culture versus that of the increasing contemporary, but materially different, philanthropic community.

The Australian Standfirst Platform addresses this misunderstanding by creating a unique, thoughtful and practical digital asset which provides in-depth and relatable philanthropic insights and Australian Not-For-Profit best practices.

Click here for a copy of Australian Standfirst’s Core Values and Engagement Principles.

Academic Council

The establishment of the Australian Standfirst Academic Council connects the Australian Standfirst Family to the best, newest and most innovative thinking and progress in the scholastic, pedagogical, academic and theoretical realms. Wisdom is best shared not warehoused.

Asset Management

Australia’s global investing specialist team, consolidating dedicated work within Australian Family Office, Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) wealth and philanthropic sector.

Foundation Members and Delegates

The Foundation has been established solely to provide pro bono philanthropic guidance and facilities, broader community philanthropic education where and when appropriate and always on a gratis basis. All members participate on a voluntary, unremunerated and non-fiduciary basis.

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