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Australian Standfirst Private Client Advisory maintains a total commitment to providing forward-looking and strategic investment advice designed to safeguard existing assets, accumulate wealth and lessen the risk and uncertainty faced by our clients in this increasingly complex world.

We specialise in providing this advice to select family groups and their professional practitioners as well as individual wholesale clients, with a focus on independence, transparency and long-term relationships. The years since the Global Financial Crisis have seen radical changes in the legal, tax and financial environments worldwide, requiring constant monitoring of wealth planning strategies to ensure risk-reduction measures are dynamic and adaptive.

We provide clients actionable insights to help them navigate market volatility and plan for what’s next, supported by clear and regular written assessments of the global economy and financial markets. We also offer a systematic approach to analysing clients’ legal, fiscal and financial goals, and their options to achieve them. By working with our network of independent specialists, we provide clients with a complete solution that covers wealth structuring, taxes and legal support.

We complement these insights and analyses with simple, practical and yet detailed multi-asset solutions designed to perform during all economic conditions, ranging from tranquil markets to extreme black swan type events. Our techniques also endeavour to solve the problems others ignore by employing truly agnostic quantitative and qualitative methods throughout all of our client engagements, supported by an experienced and preeminent Australian Academic Council. This objectivity is possible because we are driven solely by the provision of excellent advice, and not the advocacy of “approved product(s)”.

Offering a fully open product and service platform, our own in-house Hedge Funds compete with the very best available and are subject to the same scrutiny and rigorous testing. Because we work with not only our in-house investment specialists but also leading external professionals, clients enjoy an independent and unbiased choice of the most suitable, competitive products and services. In these ways, we differ from the vast majority of our industry and avoid the inherent conflicts of interests they undoubtedly face. We also avoid prescriptive asset allocating and we do not shy from making clear recommendations for action. By doing so, we build investment solutions based on a client’s goals, not on our products.

As an independent wholesale trustee, Australian Standfirst Funds Management Limited can also assist select Australian Family Groups with Responsible Entity and Trustee Services for projects in excess of one hundred million Australian Dollars. This very specialised service is designed to assist Australian Family Offices throughout all the important establishment stages, addressing risk management precautions, family governance requirements and balance sheet provisions.

Australian Standfirst excels at assisting those who want to be proactive in writing the financial story for their and their families’ lives.

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