Located in one of Australia’s most creative pockets, the Australian Standfirst Skunkworks facility was a true testament to the Australian Standfirst family values. Learn more about our approach to innovation.

Skunkworks” is now a pseudonym in English meaning a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and pioneer for the sake of radical innovation.

Such is Australian Standfirst and the teams innovation rooted mission.

The term originated with Lockheed’s World War II Skunkworks project.

In another borrowed North American tradition, there has been a contemporary trend of basing larger private investment firms, Hedge Funds and Philanthropy Centers in hubs outside the immediate proximity and geographic jurisdiction of large Central Business Districts (CBD’s), with examples found throughout New England, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Boston (America’s Second Silicon Valley) Nantucket and Greater Massachusetts.

As well as finding spacious and industrially strong warehouses, echoing the best of post War architecture, there is also a fundamentally strategic reason for this working isolation – innovation.

It is difficult for any person or teams of people to champion true innovation, thought leader or original work, constantly being surrounded by others noise.

For these reasons, Australian Standfirst incubated at the Skunkworks facility in sunny Fitzroy, Melbourne from 2015 until 2020, before moving to its new headquarters.

This isolated, well resourced industrial complex allowed the Australian Standfirst Family to solely focus on their creative and thoughtful contributions, which today culminated in the Australian Standfirst Platform.

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