Within Australian Standfirst’s Skunkworks headquarters sits its Crown Jewel, the Infinity Black Digital Studio, opened by Foundation Members Tabitha Lovett and Hamish Blake.

Filming of the Infinity Black Interview Series, and, in early 2019, a dedicated Podcast Series, “Australian Standfirst Podcasts” are both being produced at this purpose-built and specialised workroom.

When not in use by Australian Standfirst for its own inhouse media, the studio will be opened to the Australian Not For Profit (NFP), Creative, Charitable and Philanthropic communities for their free and open use, five days of every week of the year.

Provided so always on a gratis basis, Australian Standfirst Foundation and Australian Standfirst Philanthropy with contribute with resources, support and even funding, if required by any guest.

One of the key defining differences between charity and philanthropy, is the support of resources and Intellectual Property, and in this small way, the Australian Standfirst Family proudly supports Australian communities whom may not have free access to such technology or facilities.

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